• Meg

Apartment #2 (3rd Street Energy Vortex)

Posted a new piece today, you've probably seen it on Instagram but now prints are available via Threadless and the original is available as well.

You can order the original with or without a black or white mat. If you choose the mat option, the art is securely but not permanently attached to the mat - as soon as you receive it you can drop it in a frame, but you can always mount it differently later.

I'm not very into New Age type stuff and didn't even know about energy vortexes (like are said to exist in Sedona as well as other places) when I titled this. As I was working on this, I was thinking about human energy, the thought of people in every room solving problems, taking care of their families and themselves, working, playing, cleaning, making regular everyday human magic.

Also, energy vortex is the first thing I have put into Wikipedia in my life that didn't turn up a usable result. I did fall down a Stargate rabbit hole though.